About us


If you visit the beautiful Monemvasia, you may buy the olive oil “Benios” directly from us, at our delicatessen store within the Castle of Monemvasia.

The shop is called “Edodimopolio” and except for the olive oil, here you may taste and buy the most authentic local products like:
• Local almond sweets
• Excellent local wines
• Home-made liqueurs with original flavours (walnut, pomegranate, etc.)
• Traditional sweets and fruit preserves
• Home-made pasta
• Local herbs and spices
• Home-made soap
• It΄s the only place in Monemvasia where you can find the traditional liqueur “Melitókraso”, meaning “Wine made out of Honey”.

"Benion" | The Extra Virgin Laconian Olive Oil

Our Laconian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The extra virgin olive oil “Benios” comes from the mix of the excellent local olive varieties Athinoelia and Koroneiki, which give it a rich spicy flavor, a very fruity aroma and a very high polyphenol content.

Natural cosmetics

The Monemvasia Cosmetics line of cosmetics was created with inspiration from the pure products of the Laconian land such as Greek olive oil and herbs, and aims to highlight the high cosmetic properties of Greek herbs and the aromas of Greek plants.

Hydromeli | Melitokraso. The ancestor of all fermented drinks


We suggest you try Hydromeli (or Melitokraso)! It is considered the ancestor of all fermented drinks and its roots are lost in the depths of time. The production process involves the marriage of only honey and water. Its name, according to tradition, was given by the honeymoon, where, as it is said, the newlyweds consumed it throughout, for a future “sweet” marriage. According to mythology the famous nectar of the Gods was Mead.

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